Tarheel Images provides high resolution digital images for Dermatologists to more efficiently assess changes in pigmented lesions. The images serve as a baseline so even the smallest changes can be evaluated resulting in an earlier recognition of a possibly cancerous lesion. The early detection can be the greatest advantage for a favorable outcome. With diligent use of the images by the patient and the physician, fewer biopsies may be necessary and more accurate diagnoses are expected.

The images can be captured in your clinic, which provides a safe and convenient place for the patient. By using the clinic setting the patient information is secure, and the physician or staff can answer any questions or give instructions.

Patients seen by a Physician who would benefit from this procedure can be scheduled to return when the digital imaging is set-up in the clinic. One to two days a month could be designated for this procedure, depending on the number of patients. The process takes about 45 minutes and results in 40 standard views that cover all skin surfaces. The images can be transferred to a CD for both the patient and the medical record.
When the patient returns for their next appointment, the CD can be viewed in the exam room with the use of a laptop. The high resolution of the images will provide more magnification to allow the physician to "zoom in" on areas of concern.
Using the baseline images to show the absence of change can improve the patient care by decreasing the number of biopsies. The images provide the physician with an exact representation of the skin surface, so changes or the lack of change can be quickly identified, saving time and unnecessary procedures.

I served as a Medical Photographer for the University of North Carolina Medical School for 32 years. I worked in the OR and clinics documenting medical images for publication in text books, as well as developing photographic techniques to aid in treatment and diagnosis. I am currently providing digital imaging services for the UNC Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center. My goal is to provide the highest quality high-resolution images that can be easily viewed without special software on a standard laptop.

"Mr. Braly has provided digital imaging services to the University of North Carolina Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center for over 10 years. It is my opinion that the baseline photos that he provides are of extremely high quality and provide great utility in management of moles and early detection of melanoma." Nancy E. Thomas, MD P